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Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Zara Heels

I recently did a naughty and put in a little Zara UK online order…woops! I was originally stalking the website for the gorgeous green and black tie dye shirt, which I did purchase fyi! But upon browsing their lust-worthy shoe collection I came across these beauties… aren't they pretty?!  I’m not really a heel wearer but when I saw these, something in me just…changed! Whether it was the gorgeous detail or the shape of them I’m not sure, but I love them! Judging by my ASOS Heels post, I think I'm subconsciously lusting after heels lately! 

I’m not into fancy smancy, bright coloured, faffy heels; my tastes are quite simple, but still chic and these fit that bill perfectly. They’re a gorgeous suede and the intricate edging and detail give them that little something extra!

They are quite high (5 inches to be exact) but as they have a platform as well they aren’t too difficult to totter about in! I've worn them out since taking this photo and can confirm that my feet lasted about 4 hours before the balls of my feet started screaming at me to take the heels off, I think that’s pretty good going for a non-heel wearer! …by the end of the 4 hours though I do admit that a girlfriend of mine had to give me a piggy-back because I just couldn’t walk anymore in them! HA! But it won’t stop me from wearing them!

High Heel Platform Sandal £39.99 - Zara UK

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

If you know what happiness is to you... #2

I thought I would do another one of these posts as I really enjoyed writing the first one I did – you can see that here if you like. It made me more aware of the good things that were going on in my life, it made me feel grateful and really helped put me in a better mood! I’m not sure what’s with me lately, I’ve been in such funk – I’ve even decided to deactivate my FB account! It’s actually been quite nice not having to worry about what everyone else is doing!

Here are some of the things that have made me happy lately:

01. Pancakes!! // We recently had pancake day, such a good day! You can see what I got up to here.

02. Afternoon tea with the girls // We went to the cute little kitsch tea room in Hatherden, it was really nice to just sit and natter away for a few hours. Obvs the cake and tea helped! You can read about my day here.

03. Going to dinner with friends // I’m off out for a tapas night on Friday and then a wagamamas on Saturday. I love eating out with friends!

04. Nights out with the Girls // This past Saturday I actually swapped my comfies and slippers for skinny jeans and heels! Yep, I actually went out! We had cocktails in Salisbury and then went back to my hometown for some more drinks…let’s just say I was nursing a hangover Sunday morning, but it was a great night!!

05. Spending time with the boyfriend // Yep, I know this is pure cheddar, but it’s true! The boyfriend has swapped his rota around at work which means that we get to see each other a lot more which has been nice. He’s the one person that puts everything in to perspective for me and just instantly calms my worrying mind!

06. Bloglovin’ & GFC // My little space on the internet has recently hit just over 120 followers on Bloglovin’ and just over 170 followers on GFC. I know this isn’t much to some but for me, this is such an amazing achievement and makes me so happy that some of you out there actually enjoy reading what I have to say! As a massive thank you I’m planning a little giveaway soon so keep your eyes peeled! Also, if you haven't already but fancy hitting that follow button, just head over to my side bar, just over there >>>

07. American candy // Me and the boyfriend went to Basingstoke recently and found this pretty darn amazing American sweet shop. There’s just something about eating American candy that makes me happy! Maybe it’s because it makes me feel like I could be in America or that I’m eating something that I can’t get hold of every day, I don’t know – but what I do know is that they have waaay better candy choices than we do!

Hope all you beauties are having a great week & just remember...
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light"
- Albus Dumbledore

*Image source: Pinterest 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cosy Afternoon Tea!

This past weekend me and the girls arranged to go for afternoon tea, nowhere fancy (*said in an Iggy Azalea voice, you know the song!) but we just wanted to go somewhere a bit nicer than say Costa! We ended up booking a table at the Tea Cosy Tea Rooms, this little tea place in Hatherden.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Happy belated Pancake Day! Oh, and happy shrove Wednesday! Pancake Day is such a great day, who doesn’t like pancakes?!

It was a beautiful day and I was meeting a friend for lunch - as it was Pancake Day, pancakes were the obvious (and only) choice for lunch! We went to The Cosy Club, one of my fave spots for lunch or cocktails in the evenings. I had the pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup and ooohh was it a good choice! My only wish, that they add a little Nutella in to the mix some how, but I don't know how well that would go with the bacon!

I really think I need more pancakes in my life, they’re pretty easy to make, can be as healthy as you want them to be…and are so Pinterest worthy! I think I’m going to give these ViviannaDoesMakeup vanilla protein pancakes a go next, they sound pretty darn good.

As its shrove Wednesday, I couldn’t not write about lent and what I’ve decided to give up. I realised the other day that my sugar intake is getting completely out of control – case in point, valentines weekend! So for lent I’ve decided to try and consciously cut down on the amount of sugary snacks I eat and to try and get more veggies in, I’m also going to give up pasta – because that shit destroys me, I am seriously woman down after I eat it! So giving that up for 40 days will only help me!

Hope you lovely lot had a great Pancake Day - I’d love to know what you guys are giving up for lent… mainly because I’m so nosey! xo

Monday, 16 February 2015

ASOS Heels // Yes or No?

I was browsing through the ASOS sale and came across these little beauties, they're the Payback Shoe Boots. Now I know they say boots, but come on, they're heels! and they were a total bargain, they were £21 down from £42.  I was after a new pair of heels as i'm a bit sick of wearing my heeled booties when I go out, I wanted a more sophisticated pair of heels and I just fell in love with these... I think I spotted the lovely Susie from Hello October wearing these in an Instagram post and in one of her youtube videos!

Anyway, they ended up in my basket and arrived on my doorstep a few days later - ASOS delivery is pretty great btw! - I just love the smell of a new pair of shoes, don't you?! I put them on, walked around for a bit, and I kid you not, after about 5 minutes of wearing them the balls of my feet were on FIRE! Now i'm not an avid heel wearer so I guess my feet aren't really used to being squeezed in to 5inch heels, but I was in total agony! There is no way my feet would survive in these on a night out!

I'm completely torn. I absolutely love them, but I just don't think i'll wear them as I know as soon as I put them on my feet will start screaming at me i'll want to rip them off because they'll be killing my poor feet! To keep them or send them back, thats the question! I need help here ladies! Is the pain really worth it? xo
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